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  3. Pharmaceutical Autoclaves

    Provide large loading capacity and excellent sterilization of liquid. IQ, OQ and PQ services also available.

    ZEALWAY provides a series of autoclaves for pharmaceutical research and production for the sterilization of packed materials such as medicines and drugs. Our autoclaves can also be used as a testing instrument for pharmaceutical packaging materials.

    Autoclave for?the?pharmaceutical industry are?commonly?used to sterilize glass jars, medicien pouches, trays, cups, containers, ampoules and syringes.?Along with?disinfecting the solid items,?sterilizing?liquid, especially sealed liquid, can be one of the most difficult problems for users in this field.?ZEALWAY is ready to deliver?appropriate?solutions for our clients?and?help them choose the right autoclaves for their manufacturing.

    Large Loading for Pharmaceutical Use

    ZEALWAY’s?horizontal autoclaves?are available with?sufficiently large?chambers that can hold loads of 180–1000L. Made from certified stainless steel, our cylindrical-vessel and rectangular-vessel units can fully utilize the high-pressure stream at high temperatures to?eradicate?the fungi, spores and bacteria.

    Top-performing Liquid Sterilization

    Liquid has a high thermal inertia. When the chamber temperature reaches the sterilization temperature, the liquid load often has not reached the sterilization temperature. It is recommended to use an item thermometer to achieve the ideal sterilization effect. As liquid takes a long time to cool down after sterilization, ZEALWAY’s autoclaves can use the?pressure support?system to achieve rapid cooling without liquid boiling.

    Unique Medicine Packaging Material Testing Procedures

    ZEALWAY’s autoclaves can provide particle water resistance test and inner surface water resistance test procedures to examine pharmaceutical packaging materials. Our pharmaceutical packaging material testing procedures comply with the requirements for?the?water resistance test of USA’s USP 660 Containers—Glass and EU’s EP 3.2.1 “Glass containers for Pharmaceutical Use.”

    You can check out recommended products?for pharma industry?that are listed below, or?contact us?for more information and suggestions!

    Eradicate Harmful Microorganisms Safe and Fast

    ZEALWAY provides quality autoclaves, full services and professional sterilization solutions for you.