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  3. Dental Autoclaves

    Save space for small clinics and offer powerful functions including vacuum pumping. Allow frequent opening and closing.

    ZEALWAY provides fast, safe and reliable sterilization for dentistry and ophthalmology clinics.

    Dental clinics often deal with limited space full of medical instruments that are tiny enough to be put into a human’s mouths. In such places, sterile equipment and decontaminated medical waste are considered essential to avoid cross-infection. Also, dentists and dental hygienists are forced to use forceps, syringes, and other tools often. An autoclave that can be opened frequently and takes up little space on the bench while providing short yet efficient sterilization cycles—that’s what ZEALWAY specializes in.

    Class B Autoclaves Available

    Our sterilization equipment with vacuum pumping functions can effectively sterilize dental and ophthalmological instruments while reducing the occupation of space.

    Easy Operation, High Efficiency

    You just need to select the right program and press the button to start the work. The system will implement the sterilization automatically for you and send out a reminder when the procedure is complete, saving you time and energy. Also, the independent steam generator can provide fast heating and cooling. And the powerful vacuum system can provide rapid and excellent drying. You can use our autoclave to make sterilization a quick and efficient task.

    Available?in?Various Sizes and?Performing?Multiple Tasks

    ZEALWAY’s tabletop autoclaves?are available?with a capacity of 14–23L and our?vertical autoclaves?are available?with a capacity of?36–100L. You can choose from a variety of sizes to complete multiple sterilization tasks.

    Perform with High Safety Index

    Our chambers can withstand pressure equaling 3 times the design pressure and perform safely.

    You can check out recommended products for dental clinics that are listed below, or contact us?for more information and suggestions!

    Eradicate Harmful Microorganisms Safe and Fast

    ZEALWAY provides quality autoclaves, full services and professional sterilization solutions for you.