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  3. Quality Assurance

    ZEALWAY manufactures quality autoclaves in our ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified factory and conducts rigid inspections of every single part.

    Materials and Parts from Verified Suppliers

    ZEALWAY sources certified engineering-grade stainless steel, as well as parts and accessories, only from reliable suppliers. Some of the brands are listed below.

    Details Make Us Better than the Average

    Customers’ impressions on ZEALWAY's autoclaves can be summarized as "lasting, convenient to use, and look so nice."

    High-Standard Production Builds Quality Autoclaves

    Professional workers and advanced techniques ensure ZEALWAY's autoclave comply with demanding specifications.

    Rest Assured You’ll
    Enjoy Our Exclusive Guarantees

    Eradicate Harmful Microorganisms Safe and Fast

    ZEALWAY provides quality autoclaves, full services and professional sterilization solutions for you.