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  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    ZEALWAY help solve your questions about sterilization equipment, our company and services.

    • 1

      What capacity is your autoclave?

      We have table top autoclave from 14-23L, vertical autoclave from 29-120L and horizontal autoclave from 180-1200L.

    • 2

      Do you have a horizontal autoclave?

      Yes, we have horizontal autoclaves of 180L and 280L. And our horizontal autoclaves can deal with sealed liquid sterilization with a fast speed.

    • 3

      Does Zealway autoclave can be added with a liquid sensor/heart probe/load thermometer?

      Yes. And our autoclave can add with the printer and IQ/OQ/PQ probes to do the temperature calibration.

    • 4

      Does your autoclave have a vacuum pump?

      Yes, some of our models have a vacuum pump.

    • 5

      Do you have CE?

      Yes, we have.

    • 6

    Eradicate Harmful Microorganisms Safe and Fast

    ZEALWAY provides quality autoclaves, full services and professional sterilization solutions for you.