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        Reliable. Plug & Use. Easily Maintained.

        Autoclave Manufacturer from USA

        Autoclaves with powerful functions made for laboratory research, dental clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical industry. Make your investment pay off by using ZEALWAY's safe, quality autoclaves and one-stop services.

        Top Choice of Numerous Clients

        For the past 20 years, hundreds of clients around the world have chosen ZEALWAY as their sterilization solution provider. They've trusted our quality equipment and full services. ZEALWAY will never stop bringing our clients the greatest benefits possible.

        Highly Capable Autoclaves

        Made of quality parts from reliable suppliers and using leading techniques, ZEALWAY's autoclaves can provide efficient sterilization and improve user safety.

        For Every Customer and Every Place

        Leveraging our professional team and 20-year experience, you can work with ZEALWAY to find the most suitable sterilization solutions, no matter what industry you're in.

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        Laboratory Autoclaves

        Benefit from our extensive product lines and powerful R&D and let ZEALWAY provide you with excellent research-grade products that can meet all kinds of sterilization requirements.

        • For Culture Media Preparation
        • For Waste Sterilization
        • Available with Different Loading Capacities and Functions
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        Dental Clinics
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        Dental Autoclaves

        Clinics with limited space can especially benefit from our small-sized autoclaves. ZEALWAY's autoclave with vacuum pumps can efficiently sterilize goods for dental clinics.

        • Class B Autoclaves Available
        • For Small Spaces. Suitable for Frequent Use
        • Excellent Sterilization of Wrapped and Porous Items.
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        Medical Autoclaves

        ZEALWAY's medical-grade autoclaves with vacuum pumps can help hospitals improve health conditions by eliminating all the harmful bacteria and virus.

        • Eradicate Infectious Microorganisms on Shared Tools
        • Vacuum Pumping Improves Sterilization Efficiency
        • Available in Different Sizes and Types
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        Pharmaceutical Factories
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        Pharmaceutical Autoclaves

        ZEALWAY offers outstanding autoclaves to help improve the hygiene of production and provides professional qualification services for pharma industry.

        • Provide Large Loading Capacities
        • Efficient Liquid Sterilization
        • Comply with the US and EU Test Procedures for Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials
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        Latest Posts

        We share with you the insights on the sterilization industry, our upcoming events, thrilling new product launches and all kinds of useful info.

        Voices of Our Clients

        You can be the next one to satisfy your sterilization needs with our products and services.

        Eradicate Harmful Microorganisms Safe and Fast

        ZEALWAY provides quality autoclaves, full services and professional sterilization solutions for you.

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